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Cyber Attacks

You have been hacked. Your networks, databases, vendors, partners and employees have been compromised. Your systems are being held hostage, and sensitive information has been compromised. Even when your IT experts get the situation under control, the damage to your reputation and customer relationships may just be beginning. A data intrusion event is often perceived by the public as a violation of trust and organizational incompetence, and can cost a brand hundreds of millions of dollars in lost sales, stock value and marketplace confidence.

During and immediately following a cyber-attack, what you say and how you say it determines the magnitude of the cost and impact to your company. Our experts have experience in international hacking incidents of all types and can guide you through this critical period. We can assist with media and customer relations, HIPAA issues, reputation management, social media, interview preparation, union employee interaction, security and executive response training and planning, and all communications surrounding data breaches and information security events.


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