We live in a world of instantaneous news, fed by “citizen journalists” and covered by time- strapped media. Seemingly minor issues can snowball into reputation-damaging disasters in a matter of minutes via social media, which can provide an ideal soapbox for disgruntled employees and customers. There’s no doubt corporate communications departments are under increased pressure to react quickly and effectively to manage issues and stakeholders through multiple channels.

Transparency is key in today’s business environment. Studies show that the first 24-hours following a crisis impacts how the affected company or organization is perceived long after the event is history. So, companies that operate without an issues management plan do so at their own peril. Whether your situation is anticipated or not, it is comforting to know there’s a group of seasoned experts with the collective experience to get you through the storm – whenever and wherever it erupts. The PROI Worldwide Americas Crisis Group is a network of like-minded senior professionals who have counseled some of the top corporations and legal advisors in the world. We talk on a monthly basis, share best practices, and operate as “one agency” when issues call for a specific geographic or industry brain trust.

Do you know what to do if an issue erupts? Is your organization aware of its vulnerabilities? Are your employees and customers ambassadors or critics? Let us be your first response team. Whether you’re looking for proactive solutions or are shoulder-deep in a media firestorm, give us a call so we can put our team to work on your challenges.

Caroline Duffy and Guy Hagen
Co-Chairs, PROI Worldwide Americas Crisis Group