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Labor Issues

Union contract negotiations often bring complicated communications challenges. There's a delicate, strategic dance that begins the moment the last contract is signed and both sides prepare for the next season of collective bargaining. Developing multi-pronged strategies is time-consuming and requires a constant eye on the local and national employment landscape. Alliances must be built long before you are faced with a made-for-TV assault outside of your headquarters.

If you are a union-free corporation, you may not realize the vulnerabilities that could lead to an organization attempt and how those weaknesses can be exploited to hurt your corporate reputation. Any leader whose company has been the target of a corporate union campaign will tell you that these attacks are designed to distract your stakeholders, disrupt your business and sway public opinion.

The PROI network has worked with both unionized and union-free companies to prepare for and manage difficult labor situations. If this sort of threat keeps you up at night, the PROI Crisis Team is here to help you win.


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