PROI Worldwide Crisis Group offers unique depth and breadth of experience in the Americas.

Financial Crisis

Earnings "misses", hostile takeover bids, attacks by short-sellers, shareholder activism, rating agency downgrades, financial restructuring, even bankruptcy - a financial crisis can come from anywhere and develop very quickly. What do you do when your company's reputation is on the line and the audiences you need to reach extend beyond the holders of your equity and debt securities to your employees, customers, vendors, regulators and the communities in which you operate? Many companies are not equipped to effectively respond to these extraordinary events - nor should they be - a financial crisis is not business as usual. Our network of experienced crisis professionals can assist in all situations, across multiple industries and geographies. We know the issues, the audiences, and have the tools and expertise to meet the challenges.


Change in Business Model Threatens Company's Valuation

Company with New Leadership Prepares for Transformational Acquisition

Company's Stock Plummets Following Unexpected Charge

Diversification Threatens Company Valuation During Leadership Transition

Global Consumer Products Company Fights Patent Infringement Litigation

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